Airport Board

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Airport Board

General powers/duties include care, management and control of all airports owned, leased or otherwise acquired by the City. All Airport Board recommendations are subject to approval by Council. Created by Ordinance No. 40-A; amended by No. 1841-A. Four year terms except representative from Council and Chamber, which are two year terms.

Meets 4:00 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, Davis Field Airport Terminal, 1201 Sabre.

No member of the Board, after serving one full term, shall be eligible for reappointment until one year shall have elapsed since his or her last service on the board.


Name                                                   Date Appointed                Expiration
Ann Barker Ong, Chamber                March 2014                         February 2018
Janey Boydston, City Council            October 2015                      September 2017
Ben Robinson                                      January 2014                       October 2017
Sam Scott   (Resigned 3/14/17)          February 2014                     January 2018
Weldon W. Stout, Jr.                           June 2014                             May 2018
Tim Wheeler                                       September 2015                 October 2019
Gary Hall                                              January 2014                       October 2017