Board of Adjustment

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Board of Adjustment

Five Member board created by Ordinance No. 3266-A. Three year terms. Powers/duties include:
Hear/decide appeals where it is alleged there is error of law in any order, requirement, decision or determination.
Hear/decide requests for map interpretations or decisions on other special questions upon which it is authorized to pass by the regulations adopted by the board and/or Council.

Meets 2:00 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of month, 2nd Floor Conference Room, City Hall.

No member of the Board, after serving one full term, shall be eligible for reappointment until one year shall have elapsed since his or her last service on the Board.


Name                                              Date Appointed                                   Expiration
Gary Dunlap                                   September 1998                                    September 2008
Rev. Rodger Cutler                         July 2016                                                June 2019
Marcela Paige                                 October 2015                                          September 2018
Dave Davis                                      October 2015                                         September 2018
Mark Bonney                                   October 2015                                         September 2018