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Chamber of Commerce Committee For Convention And Tourism

This is a nine member committee of the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce. It meets to make recommendations to the Chamber for encouraging, promoting and fostering convention and tourism development for Muskogee.

The Mayor and a Council appointee serve on the board. Five at-large members are appointed by the City Council. Chairman of the Chamber and a Board Member of the Chamber also serve.

This function of the Chamber is funded through the Muskogee Hotel Tax Ordinance, 3733-A, and is a contract with the City and Chamber which is reviewed annually.

Meets 3:30 p.m., 4th Tuesday of month at Chamber of Commerce Board room, 310 W. Broadway.


Name                                            Date Appointed                        Expiration
Jim Blair, Chairman               Chamber Appointment
Heather Cain                               March 2017                               Feb 2020
John Newby                                April 2017                                   March 2020
Nicholas Wilks                            November 2015                         October 2018
Holly Rosser-Miller                      May 2016                                   April 2019
Judy Hoffman                             November 2016                          October 2019      
Mike Martin                                 November 2014                         October 2017
Vacant                                     Chamber Appointment
Rodney Bond, Chamber Chairman
Bob Coburn, Mayor                   March 2012                                  March 2018
James Gulley, City Council       November 2014                            March 2018
D.J. Thompson                          President & CEO
Ashley Wilbourn                        Tourism Director
Sherry Pilant                              Event Coordinator