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City Facilities Board

Created by Ordinance No. 3946-A, The purpose of this board is to serve as an advisory board to the City Council on all matters within their authority. The Board shall be composed of nine members, inclusive of at least two members of the Council, all of whom shall be residents of the City who shall be appointed by the City Council. Terms are for 5 years.

Meets by Special Call. No members of the Board, after serving one full term, shall be eligible for reappointment until one year shall have elapsed since his or her last service on the board.

Name                                               Date Appointed                             Expiration
David Ragsdale                              Novemberber 2016                           October 2021
Wayne Johnson, Council                March 2015                                      February 2020
Stacey Simpson                              Sept 2016                                        August 2021
Peter Roberts                                 Sept 2016                                         August 2021
Kim Lynch                                        May 2015                                           April 2020
Erick Puckett                                     Feb-16                                               Jan-21
Delsie Lewis                                    March 2015                                        February 2020
Pearline Boyattia                            May 2015                                           April 2020
Keith Bennett                                  June 2015                                           May 2020