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City of Muskogee Foundation
Developing, supporting, promoting and improving programs and facilities relating to education, arts, culture, a community revitalization and beautification, social services, health care, economic development, infrastructure, housing and recreation for the City of Muskogee. To improve the quality of life of residents of the City of Muskogee and surrounding area.

Vacancies that occur as a result of expiration of a term will be filled by the Nominating Committee of the Corporation with approval of City Council. Terms vary under by-laws.

Name                                                        Date Appointed                                   Expiration
Bob Coburn, Mayor                                 By Position
Roy D. Tucker Interim City Manager       By Position
Earnie Gilder, Chairman                          August 2015                                          August 2019
Leroy Walker, Vice Chairman                 August 2012                                          July 2018
Nancy Gaden                                            August 2014                                          July 2020
Jay Updike, Secretary                              August 2012                                          July 2018
Johnina Wardwell                                    August 2013                                           July 2019
Daniel Miller                                             August 2013                                           July 2019
Keith Biglow                                              August 2014                                          July 2020
Tracy Hoos                                                August 2012                                          July 2018
Lee Ann Mathews                                    August 2013                                          July 2019
Patrick Cale                                             August 2016                                          July 2018
Dan Hall                                                  Sept  2016                                             August 2018