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Civil Service

Created by City Charter, the Civil Service Commission which shall be composed of three members, one of whom shall be selected and appointed by the City Council to serve for a period of six years from the date of the appointment, one to be appointed by the active members of the Fire Department of the City of Muskogee to serve for a period of five years and the two members so selected and appointed to select and appoint a third member who shall serve for a period of four years from the date of appointment. The selection and appointment of successor of each member whose term expires hereunder shall be made in the same manner as provided for the selection of membership of said Board. All members of said Commission shall serve without compensation. The Civil Service Commission shall select one of its members as Chairman and one as Secretary. No person shall be appointed to said Commission who is employed by the City or other governmental subdivision.

Meets by Special Call, City Hall, 3rd Floor Council Chambers. Members are eligible for reappointment.


Name                                                                Date Appointed                                     Expiration
Neutral Position (Sel by Cty & Un Rep)         Vacant                                                       Vacant
Meredith Lacey (Elected by Fire Dept)          April 2002                                                 May 2017
Lansing Lee (Appt by City)                              October 2015                                           September 2021