Historic Preservation Commission

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Created by Ordinance No. 1871-A (revised by Ordinance No. 3206-A). Five to nine members serve in advisory capacity to City Council in matters involving structures and areas of historical, architectural and/or cultural significance and proposes recognition and designation of such historic preservation. Three year terms, staggered to allow no more than three appointments per year. Meets by Special Call, 2nd Floor Conference Room, City Hall. (quarterly) No members of the Board, after serving one full term, shall be eligible for reappointment until one year shall have elapsed since his or her last service on the board.

For more information, please see the Historic Preservation section under Planning.C


Name                                                    Date Appointed                                        Expiration
Glenda Elliott                                          November 2016                                         October 2019
Edwyna Synar                                       October 2015                                             September 2018
James E. Tolbert                                   October 2016                                             September 2019

Patty George                                         November 1998                                         November 2003
Joel Cousins                                          October 2015                                              September 2018
Brent Trout                                           October 2015                                              September 2018

Joshua Casarez                                      May 2016                                                     April 2019

Sue Tolbert                                           January 2016                                             December 2019
Doug Buse                                            August 2010                                                 July 2013