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Housing Authority

Five member board, established April 1969, when it was determined there was a shortage of safe/sanitary housing for low income residents. Authority hires director and staff to oversee/manager of Honor Heights Tower, a 200 unit apartment for elderly citizens, Port City Acres and Green Country Village, which have 100 units each for low income residents.

Members serve 3-year terms and can be reappointed.

(By State Regulation) Meets 2nd Thursday of month, 4:00 p.m., Conference Room, Muskogee Housing Authority, 200 N. 40th.


Name                                                    Date Appointed                                            Expiration
Carole McBride, Chairman                   June 2016                                                     June 2019
Muriel Saunders                                   August 2016                                                  June 2019
Jack Farr                                                 June 2015                                                     June 2018
Gary Dunlap                                          June 2015                                                     June 2018
Alice Smith                                            June 2015                                                     June 2018