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Merit System Board

Created by Charter and Ordinance and serves as an appeal board for full-time City employees and Police Department employees. Enforces the rules and regulations for administration of Merit System, and hears appeals of any officer or employee in classified service.

The Board shall consist of three members to be selected in the following manner. One shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Council; one shall be appointed by the City Employees; the third member shall be selected by the first two.

Members of this board are eligible for reappointment. Members serve 2-year terms.
Meets by special call, 3rd Floor Council Chambers, City Hall.


Name                                                                Date Appointed                                             Expiration
Norman Grayson (Union Rep Elected)            January 2008                                                  January 2010
Clifford Cate (City Rep)                                     April 2015                                                       May 2017
Stan Hiner (Neutral)                                          January 2013                                                 January 2015
James McCracken (City Alternate)                   May 2016                                                       May 2018    
Terry Freeman (Emp Alternate)                        July 2012                                                       June 2014    
Vacant (Neutral Alternate)                                Vacant                                                            Vacant