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Muskogee Industrial Trust

To promote and secure the development of the general economic welfare and security of the general public within and without and near the territorial limits of the City of Muskogee. All to provide additional opportunities for employment, discourage the migration of citizens from their home, community, encourage, assist and accommodate the controlled steady growth of the aforesaid area. To promote and develop the economic stability of the area.

The trustee shall be 3 in number, who shall, unless otherwise designated by the City Council, be the President of the three principal banks in the City of Muskogee.

Meets by Special Call, 2nd Floor Conference Room, City Hall. Members serve a 6-year terms.


Name                                                       Date Appointed                                     Expiration
Mike Leonard, Firstar                               June 2013                                               June 2019
John Barton, Bankfirst                             June 2013                                                June 2019
Bill Taylor, Armstrong Bank                     June 2013                                               June 2019