Planning and Zoning Commission

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Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning Commission is a seven (7) member commission, all of whom shall reside within the city limits. The members are nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Each member serves a term of three (3) years. The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on amendments to the zoning regulations, the zoning district boundaries and the subdivision regulations. They may consider and investigate any subject matter tending to the development and betterment of the city.

The Planning Commission meets the first and third Monday of each month.


Name                                         Date Appointed                       Expiration
Mark Luttrull                              October 2015                       September 2018
Justin Walker                            May 2016                             April 2019
Patrick Cale                               Sept 2016                            August  2019
Shirley Hilton                            October 2015                       September 2018
Lathon Archie III                       October 2015                       September 2018
Stella Derrick                            Sept  2016                            August  2019
Jack Bethany                           October 2015                       September 2018