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Uniform Building Code Appeals Board

Created by Ordinance 3939-A There is hereby established a Uniform Building Code Appeals Board of the City which shall consist of seven (7) members to be approved by the City Council. Such Board shall be composed of one (1) professional builder, one (1) individual trained in either structural or civil engineering or architecture, one (1) mechanical contractor, one (1) electrical contractor, one (1) plumbing contractor, one (1) individual trained in fire suppression, and one (1) member at large, all of whom shall be residents of the City.

The Board shall serve without compensation and shall exercise only those powers enumerated with this Article.

Meetings are by Special Call. Terms are for a period of 5 years and no member of the board, after serving one full term, shall be eligible for reappointment until one year has elapsed since his or her last service on the Board.


Name                                                        Date Appointed                              Expiration
Dennis Moore, Journeyman                       October 2015                                  Sept 2020
Jack Bethany, Professional Builder            May 2016                                        April 2021
Jay Updike, Structural or Civil Engr            May 2016                                        April 2021
Fred Haynes                                              October 2015                                    Sept 2020
Vacant, Mechanical Contractor
Danny Tracey, Fire Suppression                 May 2016                                       April 2021
Kevin Crank, At Large Member                    May 2016                                      April 2021