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Urban Renewal Authority

Reinstated October 24, 2005. Responsible for establishment of policies and implementation of such as it relates to downtown revitalization projects, as well as guiding redevelopment of area designated within Urban Renewal boundaries, approximately 370 acres within the central business district, bounded on the North by Fondulac, the West by Seventh Street, the South by the Frisco/Burlington Northern Railroad tracks, and MKT to the East. Effective August 2011 Ordinance 3882-A the City Council shall appoint a Board of Commissioners consisting of five (5) members. The term of office of each such Commission member shall be for three (3) years. There shall be one member chosen from each ward of the City with one member being chosen at large. The representatives from ward one and ward two shall serve initial terms of one (1) year. The representatives of wards three and and ward four shall serve initial terms of two (2) years. The member serving the at large appointment shall serve a term of three (3) years. Only the representatives of wards one and two may be reappointed for one full term of three (3) years. The initial appointments, regardless of the calendar date when such appointments are made, shall expire on the August 31st closest to the full one, two or three-year term to which such members are appointed. Thereafter, and after the expiration of initial terms, all members shall serve terms of three (3) years. All terms of office, including initial appointments shall expire as of August 31st and new terms shall commence on September 1st of the calendar year.


Name                                                       Date Appointed                                   Expiration
Mike Martin                                              October 2015                                        August 2018
Jim Wilson                                                 May 2015                                            August 2018
Gary Dunlap                                             Sept  2016                                            August 2019
Dr. Larry Smith                                        October 2015                                        August 2018
Darrell Russell, Chairman, At Large      November 2011                                     August 2013