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Wellness Initiative Coalition

It is the purpose of the Coalition created in Section 2-530 to serve in an advisory capacity to the Parks and Recreation Department and the City Council as to matters dealing with the health, wellness and well being of local community. The Coalition shall make recommendations and give advisory opinions to the Parks and Recreation Department director and to the City Council for improving, promoting the health, wellness and well being of the community and for enactment of resolutions and ordinances which will be of benefit to the citizens of the city in fulfilling the purpose of the Coalition. The Coalition shall be composed of nine members, five members to be approval by the City Council. The remaining four members shall be the Mayor of the City of Muskogee and his/her successor, the City physician and his/her successor, the Director of the Muskogee County Health Department and his/her successor and the Chairman of Turning Point or his designee and his/her successor. Terms of office of members of the Coalition shall be as follows: (1) Their term of office for the four (4) members designated by office shall be permanent or until such time as this provision is amended. (2) The remaining members of the coalition shall be appointed for terms of four years. Meets by Special Call. No member of the board, after serving one full term, shall be eligible for reappointent until one year has elapsed since his or her last service on the board.


Name                                                             Date Appointed                                           Expiration
Mike Combs                                                     Aug-2016                                                  Jul-2020
Derryl Venters                                                 Aug-2016                                                    Jul-2020

Craig McNeill                                                   Aug-2016                                                    Jul-2020  
Keith Harlin                                                     Aug-2016                                                    Jul-2020
Karah Lehman                                               Jan 2014                                                      Dec 2017
Mayor Bob Coburn                                        By Position       
Vacant - Doctor                                               By Position
Dir, Health Department                                 By Position
Chairman, Turning Point                               By Position