Knox Box Program

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It's 2:00a.m. the Muskogee Fire Department Responds to an alarm at your building. Accessing your building keys in the KNOX-BOX
firefighters quickly enter without causing property damage due to forced entry procedures.

Upon entering, firefighters determine that a small fire was contained by the sprinkler system. The reduced response time allowed immediate shut-off of the sprinkler water supply, resulting in minimal smoke, fire and water damage to your property. As you arrive, the fire department has already re locked the front door and replaced your keys in side the Knox.Box.

Your minimal expenditure to install a Knox-Box has allowed you to satisfy local fire codes and ordinances while greatly reducing the cost of property damage. The cost of broken doors and windows or forced doorframes and locks are usually less than your insurance deductible. The Muskogee Fire Department has performed its duties with increased efficiency and is now free to respond to the next emergency.

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