If I have a personal legal question may I call the City Attorney for advice?

May I speak to the District Attorney?

What does the City Prosecuting Attorney do?

If I am charged with Possession of Marijuana can I just pay a fine and not come to court?

What criminal offenses can cause a person to go to city jail?

If I am charged with an alcohol or drug offense, how can I keep it off my record?

Does the City Prosecutor represent me in Court?

If I file a citizens complaint against someone for vandalism, can the Muskogee Municipal Court award money damages?

Where is your office located and what is your mailing address?

I have a dispute with my landlord. Can you help me?

How do I file for a restraining order?

I have an ongoing dispute with my neighbors. What can I do?

How do I find out the status of a municipal criminal case?

I am a crime victim. How do I find out the next court date?

I am a defendant. How do I find out the next court date?

Who do I call about a warrant against me?

I missed my court date. What do I do now?

I have received a subpoena. Do I have to come to court?

My car has been towed. Who do I call?

My neighbor has a tree in his yard with the branches growing over my yard. Can I cut the branches?

My neighbor parks cars on his lawn. To whom can I report this?

My neighbor's property is an eyesore because it is either strewn with rubbish, because it is badly in need of paint or repair, or the structure needs to be removed. To whom can I report this?

How can I obtain copies of the City Ordinances?