Muskogee Police Department Recruiting

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Our Mission:
The Muskogee Police Department is committed to every contact being one that provides exceptional service, which contributes to enhancing the quality of life for all members of our community. The Muskogee Police Department will consistently strive to serve its residents by proactively addressing crime, preserving peace, protecting life and property and will be committed to establishing partnerships within the community to focus on concerns and solve problems with fairness, integrity and professionalism.  

PURPOSE: To provide Law Enforcement and Public Safety services to the public; enforce Federal and State Laws and Local Ordinances; maintain order and protect life and property; conduct criminal investigations; perform other public safety related duties.


  • Patrol assigned districts in a motor vehicle, on foot, or using other methods of transportation. Checks businesses, stores, homes and other premises for criminal violations, suspicious persons or conditions, fire or other disturbances.    
  • Apprehend, interview, and make arrests for violations of Federal and State Laws and Local Ordinances; escort prisoners to appropriate holding facilities; register and book prisoners, prepares record of arrest and submits detailed reports of investigation made.    
  • Responds to citizen complaints; controls and when needed disperses crowds; cooperates and assists other Law Enforcement Officers, jurisdictions, and agencies.    
  • Enforces traffic and parking regulations, directs traffic, investigates traffic accidents and obtains information incidental to the event; observes traffic hazards and submits recommendations for their correction; administers first aid in emergency situations.    
  • Maintains a positive and effective relationship with community groups through periodic meetings, working with social agencies and groups.    
  • Prepares and maintains field notes; prepares and submits administrative reports; Emergency Orders of Detention; Search Warrants, and similar legal documents; testifies at administrative and court hearings.    
  • Assists supervisors as required and may act as an acting supervisor in their absence.    
  • Attends and satisfactorily completes periodic trainee courses and instructional meetings to develop and maintain skills in the use, care, and safe operation of firearms, motor vehicles, techniques in self defense, life saving, and criminal law updates.    
  • Makes initial and supplementary investigations of crimes in areas such as personal violence, theft, stolen vehicles, missing persons, lost children, and runaways. Participates in undercover investigations of narcotics, gambling, vice, civil and criminal disturbances.    
  • Collects physical evidence and performs crime scene investigation, takes photographs, performs surveillance of persons and places.    
  • Performs other related work as required.


  • Must have the ability to effectively communicate, verbally to transmit information via the radio, talk to victims, suspects, etc. and in writing, and deal effectively and courteously with the public and fellow employees.    
  • Must be able to observe situations analytically and objectively and record them clearly and completely. Must be able to react quickly and calmly in emergencies.    
  • Must possess the physical strength and stamina to chase and subdue fleeing persons and rescue victims. This includes being able to walk and run long distances, jump and stand for long periods of time, crawl (to function in confined spaces), climb (to extreme heights), lift, drag, pull and push at least 185 pounds.    
  • Must possess the visual acuity to identify suspects, detect danger, read licenses and tags and possess the aural acuity to understand conversations in quiet and noisy environments, understand radio transmissions, distinguish between car backfires and gun shots, and determine the location of persons in distress.
    Recruitment Brochure