What is Storm Water Run-Off?

Why is the City charging me for rain?

Hasn't the City always had storm drains? Nothing has changed at my home/business. Why am I being charged now when I wasn't several years ago?

Am I still charged even if it does not rain for a long time?

How is unoccupied property treated?

I have a gravel driveway and no gutter lines that go to the street. Why do I have to pay for everyone else?

Why are the storm water and sanitary sewer systems separate?

Why did the City choose to institute a separate fee for storm water management?

How is the City going to treat storm water drainage systems on private property under this new utility?

What can I do to reduce pollution in storm water runoff?

I am already paying for waste water charges. Why am I being billed twice?

I rent my house. Why am I being charged?

Why aren't apartment complex's being charged per unit?