Oil & Grease

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Oil & Grease Program
City plumbing codes require restaurants and other commercial establishments that prepare food to install and maintain grease interceptors (traps) to prevent excessive amounts of food grade grease and oils from entering the sanitary sewer collection system. These establishments are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the grease interceptors in proper working order. Excessive amounts of grease discharged to the collection system can cause sewer back ups and sanitary sewer overflows which cause increased operations and maintenance costs. Sanitary Sewer overflows can also be harmful to the environment causing contamination to land and local waterways. The Industrial Pretreatment division conducts on site inspections of grease interceptors or traps to ensure compliance. Facilities that do not properly maintain their grease traps may faces fines up to $1,000 dollars per violation. The City recommends that a 1,000 gallon grease interceptor be installed at all new and refurbished facilities

GCSA-Food Service Guide to Waste Disposal