Questions about the City Charter & Council-City Manager Form of Government

Oklahoma law provides several forms of government under which an city or town in Oklahoma may operate. Under the Oklahoma Constitution, any city or town with more than 2,000 inhabitants may frame a Charter outlining its own government. In the absence of a Charter, the citizens can elect to be governed by one of the statutory forms of government. Statutory forms of government under Oklahoma law are the: Statutory Aldermanic; Statutory Council-Manager; Statutory Strong-Mayor-Council; Statutory Town Board of Trustees.

The City of Muskogee currently operates under a Charter, and the Charter establishes a council-manager form of government.

On JUNE 30, 2020, voters are asked to decide whether the City of Muskogee continues to operate under its current form of Charter government, or whether the Charter should be revoked and the City of Muskogee should be operated under the statutory strong-mayor-council form of government. The precise question to be voted on is:

Shall the City of Muskogee revoke the Charter under which it is now operating, and adopt and be governed under the statutory strong-mayor-council form of government as provided by the laws of Oklahoma?

A vote of YES would revoke the Charter and thus adopt the Statutory Strong Mayor form of government operating under a mayor-council structure.
A vote of NO would maintain the current City Charter of the City of Muskogee that operates under the council-city manager structure.

Through a series of informational posts, the City will provide as much information as possible so that YOU, Muskogee's voters, can make an informed decision. We have endeavored to make this information as concise and neutral as possible. The information will include links to provisions in the law (Oklahoma Statutes) or the existing City Charter (where applicable), so you can read the exact language for yourself. 

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