MPD Lieutenant Elected A-One President

Earlier this month Muskogee Police Department Lieutenant Andy Simmons was sworn in as the A-One President for the upcoming year by Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice Joe Watt. Lt. Simmons progressed in the association serving various posts prior to becoming the President.

A-One is the Association of Oklahoma Narcotics Enforcers with over 500 members consisting of local, state, and federal Law Enforcement Officers and Prosecutors from around the state. The goal of A-One is to trai...n officers in narcotics investigations and to network with other narcotics officers from around the state, which can be imperative in large scale narcotics cases that aren’t just restricted to one jurisdiction. The Muskogee Police Department currently has 8 members in A-One.

Lt. Andy Simmons has been with the Muskogee Police Department for 20 years, and has served in the Special Investigations Unit for 10 years, and he has also been a K9 handler for the Muskogee Police Department and is currently the SIU supervisor. Lt. Simmons is a Lifetime member of A-One and previously served as the Region 2 president, and 2 years as treasurer for the association.

The Muskogee Police Department would like to Thank Lt. Simmons for his dedication to narcotics enforcement and the time, dedication and devotion to serving the greater good for our community in an increasingly difficult arena of Law Enforcement. He brings great pride, professionalism and knowledge to our Police Department and community which reflects greatly upon the City of Muskogee, The Muskogee Police Department, and himself.

Congratulations, Lt. Andy Simmons.