Leaves Causing Problems for Storm Water Drains

Leaves entering into the City’s storm drains can often lead to street flooding.  As the seasons change and more leaves fall from trees, the City of Muskogee reminds homeowners and landscape maintenance professionals not to blow leaves and other yard debris into sewers, creeks or streams.

 “Please be mindful this fall as you are using your leaf blower.  While it is an easy way to maintain your yard, leaves and other yard debris can lead to street flooding, “ says City of Muskogee Stormwater Quality Technician, Francie Martin.  “Leaves accumulate in the City’s drainage systems and clog sewer pipes over time, which can lead to stormwater overflows.  Proper disposal of leaves ensures the storm drain is safe, efficient and clean.”

 To prevents a buildup of fallen leaves and other yard debris, place all yard waste into bags, weighing no more than 35 lbs.  Residents can leave up to 5 bags with their regular trash day pickup.  Furthermore, avoid burning leaves, which can lead to air pollution.

 Composting or using decayed organic, material as plant fertilizer, is another way to safely dispose of lawn debris.  Residents may also mulch yard waste by spreading compost and yard trimmings around plants to enrich the soil with moisture and nutrients.  If residents are unable to mulch their yard waste they can call Muskogee Public Works at 918-684-6333 before 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, for a Friday curbside pickup. 

 To report clogged storm drains in your neighborhood, please call Public Works at 918-684-6333.