Monitor your water usage Monitor your water usage The City of Muskogee offers AquaHawk water monitoring service for citizens to monitor their water usage and receive alerts when thresholds are exceeded. Aquahawk

Monitor Your Water Usage

The City of Muskogee implemented a free service for water customers that will assist them in efficiently managing their water usage and possibly lowering monthly bills.
Customers can now receive information about leaks before costly damage can occur. They will also have access to water usage from any internet-connected device, as well as receive alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded.
Muskogee water customers may register for this service online, and, once registered, can receive leak alerts via email, text or telephone. When usage indicates abnormally high usage, or constant usage over time, customers will be notified so they may check for problems.
Customer may also view their bill estimate for the current period and set alerts to warn them if their bill is projected to exceed a certain dollar amount or usage threshold.
For registration, customers will need the name, address, phone number and water account number as well as an email address.
To register, click the AquaHawk link below.
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