Calling All Artists

The City of Muskogee Fire Hydrant Art Project is recruiting volunteer artists to paint fire hydrants in the downtown district on October 21.  The City of Muskogee and A More Beautiful Muskogee hope to get more people involved with the beautification by painting the fire hydrants in downtown.  A few fire hydrants were painted earlier this year in the Art Depot District and the response was overwhelming.   

The City of Muskogee will clean and prime the hydrants for painting.  The City of Muskogee will furnish the safety vests and basic colors of paint for use: black, white, yellow, turquoise, brown, bright blue, and plum.  The artists should provide any additional colors they wish to use, brushes, drop cloths, rags, and various containers to contain paint.  Also, a gallon of water is useful to clean brushes.

Any theme or picture is allowed as long as the images are not obscene or controversial.  The artists must submit their design or idea no later than October 14 to Karen Coker,  Once the design is approved a fire hydrant will be designated for the graphic to be placed on.   

For more information on the fire hydrant painting, please contact Brandon Garner, 918-869-7870 or Karen Coker, 918-348-8159.