Citizen Action Center Mobile App Released

The City of Muskogee's Citizen Action Center has gone mobile. The system, designed to allow citizens to report and track issues they see around the City, now has a mobile app for both Android and iPhone.

The app, which was released to Apple's App Store and Google Play on Thursday, September 17, should be available to users by early the following week. 

The app will make it easy for citizens to quickly report a problem, select the location based upon the phone's GPS, and even attach a photo to the request. Citizens who have registered and logged in will receive email confirmation of their request and will also receive emailed updates and confirmation when a request has been completed.

Citizens may also use the app to make suggestions to the City Manager's office.

Searching for City of Muskogee Citizen Action Center or Muskogee OK or Muskogee OK should find the app in either app store.